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"Never give-up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." -Early Nightingale #lifemotto

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Nautical Kind of Vibes

First things first, you are going to see the most awkward poses and squinting eyes throughout the post. But anyway, I gotta make use the dressing, this is a fashion/style blog after all. Lol.

So here it goes… *dun dun dun* but I think *drum rolls* sound better.

I told ya! This is kind of nautical kind of vibes because of my white and blue pencil cut skirt + my marines cropped top! I actually got few head turns and compliments of my look, not to boast you know but I just thought it’s the best reason I can think of why I am posting this on my blog. Haha!

Lady luck must have strategically set this lost high chair in roof deck of our school canteen because she knows that I needed them as my props on my blog post. I was like a little kid running towards them and then sits like “Game on!”. LOL.  Thank you, Miss! Until next time? :)

And you think I will just ignore my creative backdrop? Of course not! That’s my main reason why I decided to shoot here. I have my manners you know, so I would like to thank those artist/students who made the creative wall of our Magis roof deck. I may not know you all one-by-one but I am definitely sure that you are one proud Atenista! You really made a great job guys! I hope to see new designs on my next visit in school :) And cheers to God’s greatness!

Cropped top: WAGW Skirt: Forever 21 Sandals: People are People

Fun shoot

Sanfran will always have a exceptional spot in my heart. I super like their weather and of course the renowned full house that I super like to live-in. The quarters make me think of a Barbie house, I just love it. And those mini-train (sorry for the lack of research about that) that strolling around the city (I guess), I like them!

But before you think that I’ve been there. Nope. I’m still very far from that place. I’ve never been there in real life but definitely been there in my dreams. What made think of San Francisco then? Wellllll, simply because these photos were taken at San Francisco lane in a certain division here in Cagayan de Oro City. Don’t you like it? LOL.


Excuse my saggy pants :D


The outfit I’m wearing here are the exact outfit I’m wearing during our yearbook pictorial (except necklace & heels).


Rich color peplum from Forever 21, black studded belt from People are People and apricot pants from Forever 21. The rest I’m wearing are borrowed from my friends. How sweet my friends are, they let me borrow their personal things for this fun shoot.

Delightfully made

Have you ever had a piece from your closet that you wish you had it in every blush, hopeful to sport them every single day and having nix hitch in that thought? Well, I just had mine.


This pair of pants, at first I was like - nah eh I’ll just let you stay in the closet for awhile (a.k.a. I do not know how to wear them. Lol). Then just before I roughly stop thinking about its existence, out of nowhere I saw them, so there goes my love for the pants, it somehow outgrow dramatically until I keep on thinking that idea I mentioned above.


This is very comfortable that it sways and dances every solitary pace you take and you can just continue on walking because it gives you a delightful feeling. I’m not even kidding, people!

This look is idyllic when you are running odd jobs that require you a lot of walking that you cannot even feel a puff of air-condition.


So, what can you say about my ramblings in this post outfit? Comments are loved! xx